Saturday, 22 September 2018

How to build a Sukkah. A complete guide and handy tips for the holiday.

It is a mitzvah to start building your sukkah after the Yom Kippur fast has ended. The walls, the foliage, dimensions and other information for building a kosher Sukkah.  Also important transport and employment information for Sukkot in Israel...



Learn Hebrew quickly and easily

hebrew words  

Free word sheets - by topic from A-Z, with Hebrew, English & transliterations

old phone2   Press 1 for Hebrew, 2 for Russian, 3 for Arabic & here for English: Bituach Leumi, Kupat Holim & Hevrat HaHashmal
Electricity bill Copy 75x75   For your convenience, a selection of the most common household bills translated from Hebrew to English
slang2   Talk like an Israeli. Must know Hebrew slang words - Sababa!



Aliyah to Israel, Relocation &  Lifestyle

Are you moving to Israel as an oleh hadash or relocating to work or study? Start your day in Israel with us.  The Anglo-List is filled with practical information and advice based on the collective experiences of seasoned immigrants and expats. It's a complete and practical guide offering you everything you need to know about Israel and the Israeli lifestyle.  This site is all about bridging social and cultural gaps, easing your integration, understanding the locals their customs and diverse cultures. English translations and word sheets, community information, professional services, employment and general information, facts, tips and social.  We welcome you to Israel.  Click here to the site map.