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Making Aliyah & Living in Israel

Making Aliyah. What is Aliyah? Are you moving to Israel as an oleh hadash or are you relocating to work or study? This site is all about bridging the social and cultural gaps. It will help you understand the locals, the language, the customs and culture; what to do, how to do it and where to do it. Practical information from locals and olim is key to a successful integration. Here you'll find extensive Aliyah and relocation information, a business directory, unique Hebrew translations, jobs and employment info, general services, communities and destinations,  2nd hand sales and plenty of other resources >>>

We suggest you use the Site Map to aid your navigation of this site.

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Aliyah, immigration and living in Israel. Benefits, suggestions and tips, facts and information    >>   Ulpan, learn Hebrew, Hebrew learning options.  Hebrew to English translations, Hebrew slang, useful words and  phrases  >>   Looking for the perfect job in Israel? Jobs for English speakers, job listings, networking groups & employment counseling  >>   Manage your Aliyah finances & your mortgage. Foreign currency, banking, the cost of living & tips to  save your dollars  >>  
Find English speaking, customer- service orientated professionals across Israel >>>

Anglo-list site map   israel facts, informatio,n aliyah and general services   tour israel culture and lifestyle   israel cities town aliyah communities  
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 Navigate this site with ease and find all the information you are looking for >>>    More about Israel & the Israeli lifestyle.  Housing, transport, education, facts and figures  >>    Overview of health services, best shopping and entertainment,  Aliyah for seniors,  tour Israel, and hot spots to visit  >>    Community options for Olim. Expats and other communities that call Israel home       >>  

Rentals, 2nd hand items, swaps & give-aways   >> 


What's New 


first israel mortgages

Your Israel Mortgage Questions & Answers

How much will I qualify for? Are there fixed rates in Israel? Is my mortgage tax deductible?

BoaGork - Divorce and family law in israel

Marriage & Divorce in Israel by Adv.Boaz Gork

Religious marriage, interfaith marriages, divorce, children's rights and more...

happy senior woman reading book under tree covered in autumn leaves 29559

An Autumn Aliyah

Zelda Dvoretzky made Aliyah from America at the age of 65 and shares some thoughts with us....


How Much Does it Cost to Live in Israel?

Can we live on $5,000 a month? Plan your Aliyah and relocation budget.


Israeli Hebrew Slang

Common Israel Hebrew slang words, literal English translation and their common meanings

Bringing your Beloved Pet to Israel

Olim face many challenges when relocating with a pet.  The Aliyah Pet Agency explains how it works.

israeli rental contract

Public Housing

Do new immigrants qualify for public housing assistance?

Beating the Israel Economy

Save your precious $$$$. Money saving tips & survival guide from Israel's expert


Aliyah Stories

Personal stories and experiences. Amazing, incredible, good and not so good!


Your Resume for the Israeli Job Market

Get that job!  Layout, style, information, top tips, what not to include and more...


Traductions Français Hébreu

10 astuces pour faire des economies en Israel - Alon Gal...

hevrat hashmal

Saving Electricity this Summer

Top tips for saving electricity and cutting costs this summer

Your Favorites 

15 fabulous, fun and free places to visit in Haifa...

The Israeli Shopping Experience;  malls, markets, shopping districts and memorable experiences...

The Druze Community have lived in the Galilee and Carmel are for a thousand years.  Their villages and shrines are well worth a visit >>>


Let's Talk Business 

Want to open your own business in Israel?  Interviews, insights, thoughts and suggestions

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I have looked at your website & find it very informative & extremely helpful to the Anglo community.   Yehuda Sharf - Jewish Agency

I have been advertising on the Anglo-list since its inception & am thrilled by the amount of traffic & leads I have received  - Cape By Design Tours

My blessings go out to Anglo-list  for making the aliyah process, living here, and wading through all that paperwork in Hebrew just that bit easier  - Natali

I use the Anglo-list all the time.  It's made a real difference to my Aliyah - David S. (Johannesburg - Raanana)