Saturday, 22 September 2018

Aliyah & Relocation

Welcome to the Aliyah & Relocation section of the website where we get down to the nitty-gritty.  Here you will find amazing information resources that will help you plan your journey prior to Aliyah and post relocation in the most effective and stress-free way.



What is Aliyah exactly?

Absorption Basket or Sal Klita

Rights and privileges for Israel's immigrant population - for Olim

Aliyah Benefits/Rights

Who is eligible and how much are we entitled to

Aliyah Day

A day to commemorate Aliyah in Israel and the impact olim have made on Israeli society

Aliyah Documents

Make sure you have copies of important documents like your marriage certificate, conversion papers, degrees, medical records...

Aliyah Organizations

Aliyah organizations and federations of the English speaking countries,  that will guide you through the Aliyah process

Aliyah Planner

Six steps to a successful Aliyah

Aliyah Shipping 

Aliyah Statistics

From 2001 - 2016, Israel Ministry of Absorption Aliyah statistics and data

Aliyah Stories 

Olim tell their stories. Personal Aliyah stories and experiences

Aliyah Stress

Top suggestions on dealing with the stresses and anxieties related to Aliyah

Aliyah Survey 2015

Ten Aliyah related questions and answers and community comments

Aliyah Tips

27 tips to make your Aliyah easier

Aliyah and relocation tip of the day


Communities & Comparisons 

Downsizing for Aliyah or relocation

Keep, trash or donate, start downsizing now

First Week in Israel

Olim, open a bank account, join a health fund, school and ulpan registration...

Law of Return

Who is entitled to make Aliyah according to Israeli law?

Pets, Aliyah & Relocation

A guide to bringing man's best friends to Israel 

Post Aliyah

Aliyah a second time around - 15 post Aliyah tips

Relocation - An A-Z guide

Information for Israel's expat communities


Visa requirements for immigrants, foreign workers and tourists