Thursday, 20 September 2018

Living in Jerusalem - The City of Peace

Hebrew: ירושלים - עיר השלום


View of Jerusalem from the Mt. Olives (Image credit: Unsplash)

What can one say about Jerusalem that hasn't already been said before  It's the most written about city in the world! The capital of Israel, the "City of Peace", holy to the three major religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - goes back thousands of years. Holy sites are abundant.  Once thought to be the center of the world, the ancient and the modern meet here.  The Divine Presence can be felt in every alley and every corner.  Each and every cobbled stone tells a story of  Jerusalem's history, its struggles and its triumphs.  Every person that visits here has a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Jerusalem has a population of over 3/4 of a million residents.  Approximately 2/3 of the population are Jewish, the rest are Muslims, Christians and other religious groups.

Jerusalem nestles in  the Judean Hills which includes the Mount of Olives  in the east and Mount Scopus in the north-east. Bethlehem lies to the south and the Dead Sea to the south-east.  About 60km to the north-west lies Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem is surrounded by hills, valleys, seasonal river beds and the remnants of magnificent natural forests of pine and olives in wonderful hues of green.  Ancient, supporting stone terraces can be seen everywhere.  

Jerusalem has a generally uniform climate it is not too hot, not too cold, not too dry and not too wet. It is not uncommon though, for Jerusalem to be blanketed in snow in the winter.  




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