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Stay up-to-date with latest Israel consumer product recalls



If you have purchased one of the items listed below, do NOT eat them.  Please contact the manufacturer or supplier as detailed on the product label to arrange for a refund or exchange.


Item   Sell By/ Use By / Production /Expiration Date/Barcode

Possible salmonella

Massive egg recall by the Ministry of Health.  Eggs sold under the label Yesh M'Of are not to be eaten.

  Use by dates between 15.2.18 and 24.3.18.  For a complete list of batch recall numbers, please click here...


The product may be contaminated with strips of plastic in the food product, due to faulty production equipment.

Zoglowek Vegetarian Hot Dogs, Badatz - Size: 2kg

  B 6739735 / E not specified

Listeria contamination

Shuferal house-brand frozen peas and carrots - 800g

  B 7296073224907 / E 01/2020

Tested positive for salmonella

Shamir frozen sliced smoked salmon fillet - 100g

  P 19.11.17 / E 18.05.18

Possible salmonella

Achva Halva, Chocolate-Vanilla Flavor 400g. 

  B 7290000572543 / E 30.11.2018

Odd smell.

PopStar Microwave Popcorn, Natural Flavor. 

   E 9/05/2018, 21/11/2018, 21/01/2019, 22/01/2019, 27/02/2019, 30/05/2019

Possible listeria

Ethan's Cakes, multiple varieties. 

  • Chocolate, nut and poppy seed slabs
  • Parev cakes: Chocolate, halva, coconut, tiramasu and creme schnit
  • Torte: Chocolate, halva, tiramasu, butterscotch
  • Mini mousse:  Belgian and halva chocolate
  E21/03/18 thru 05/04/18

Possible salmonella

Techina Hararit 500g.

  B 7290002862550 / E 17/10/2019

Possible listeria

HaMuvcharim SheBakfu'im frozen corn kernels
1 kg and 2.5 kg packages.

  U 25.9.19

Possible salmonella

Galilee Hives (Mechaveret HaGalil) whole tehina from
Ethiopia - 380g and 720g.


B 7290000411682 / 7290000411699

E thru 02/2020

Packets do not contain sweetener

Sucra Diet, sucralose based sweetener by Matok V'Kal

  B ending 518220 / E 28/09/19

Possible listeria

NORVEN Frozen Sliced Smoked Trout Fillet 
Package Size: 1 kg & 350g

  B: 4820185105521 & 4820185104876 / P for both: 24/04/17 / E for both: 19/04/18

Choking Hazard

Strawberry lollipops by Carmit.  Some lollipops have separated from the stick and can therefore pose a chocking hazard:


E 12/12/2018 and 18/12/2018

Possible Listeria

Kubeh Novolisah, Burghul Kubbeh stuffed with meat, sold in 6kg packages (mostly sold in bulk to food and catering companies)


 P18/4/2017 / E18/4/2018

Peanut Allergy Info

A batch on industrial garlic seems to be contaminated with peanuts.  This batch of garlic was used is products manufactured by Zoglowek:

Vegetarian Shnitzel, 1kg

Texas Hamburger, 1.5kg

"Mizrachi" Hamburger, 400g





B536316  E23/04/2018

B738059  E19-27/06/2018

B742162  E20-27/06/2018



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