Saturday, 22 September 2018

An A-Z Guide for Expats Living in Israel

expats in israel




Expats living in Israel whether they be students, here on contract or have moved for some other reason, face a unique set of problems and issues and may find relocating to this country a daunting experience. On the other hand, new immigrants to Israel - olim - have numerous support systems and receive many benefits when they move to Israel.   Culture shock, language barriers, unforeseen circumstances, expectations, acclimatizing oneself to the new culture, career anxiety, may prove to be more of a challenge than initially expected for many expats. Suddenly everyday tasks can become complicated and difficult to perform. This can cause a strain on relationships with others and one may develop feelings of isolation upon realizing that usual support networks are thousands of kilometers away.

Expats move to Israel for a variety of reasons. Many are attracted here by the culture or faith, while others are drawn to the vibrant economy.  Israel is known as the start-up country and the technology sector is thriving.  Israel is a country that evokes passionate responses from people, and expats moving to Israel should expect, and will experience far more than a  posting that another country might provide.

We will be dealing with various expat adjustment issues and problems for those who have already relocated and are now living in Israel and those planning their relocation. The information contained herein, does not refer to Israeli citizens, who have left the country and then returned some years later.  The term we use for this is 'returning citizens'  Hebrew: toshavim hozrim.

We asked the members of our Facebook group, who are a mix of immigrants and expats what they thought the most important aspects of relocation are. There were many and those listed below are some of them.   Read the information as it will have considerable impact on your move and your new life.