Wednesday, 19 September 2018

jewcer first foto - for anglo-list 

Be part of something special!

Thousands of French speakers use this website and we can do more to help them...

Anglo-list provides unbiased English, Aliyah and Israel lifestyle information to hundreds of thousands of olim. We want to make a bigger impact on the Oleh community.  Here is as an amazing opportunity to do something meaningful for the new French speaking olim and this is where you come in. 

Help us make a major difference

Our goal is to translate parts of this site into French. There is a huge wave of Aliyah from France and we want to make Israel easy for them as well. There are hundreds of articles in this site and translating even some of  them would have a positive impact for Francophones.  In fact, it would be awesome!

Since our inception we have focused on helping you by giving you information and the tools integrate and adjust to the Israeli lifestyle. Now you can take a turn to help a fellow oleh.

We are trying to raise sufficient funds that will enable us to have key articles professionally translated into French and integrated into the website. 

The more we can raise the more we can do!  Thanks to the donations we have received so far, we are already well into this project.

Please do it today

If you are a fluent French speaker and would like to get involved you can volunteer to translate one short article.

If translation is not your thing, instead of buying your daily  'cuppa joe',  a felafel or a beer after work, donate some of that small change to our project.  Your single gift will benefit an entire community of olim.

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In New Israeli Shekels



Should you experience any problems with the donation process, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you