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Living in Raanana


Aliyah, Relocating & Living in Raanana

Hebrew: רעננה

Thinking about living or visiting Raanana? The commuter town of Raanana lies in the central district of Israel, in the heart of the Sharon plain, to the north east of Tel Aviv.  With close to 80,000 residents, Raanana has a mixed population of English speakers, South- and Latin-Americans, French, Russian and Hebrew speakers.  Raanana has a fairly large religious Jewish population.

The industrial area, comprising mainly hi-tech companies, (Kiryat Etgarim) is at the northern entrance to the city.  Microsoft’s head office, Amdocs, Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments are all represented in Raanana.


Raanana  is rectangular in shape.  Ahuza Street, is the main road and divides the town into 2 almost equal halves. Ahuza Street is similar to the “high-street” in England. With lots of shops, eateries, wide sidewalks and flat terrain, it is easy to amble along.

The traffic lights in Ahuza Street are numbered, from 1 to 15, from the South Raanana Junction all the way down to Rechov Yerushalayim – it is easy to find your way, just turn at left at traffic light number 4 or right at number 7.

Weizmann Street begins at the Raanana North Junction and runs parallel to Ahuza Street. The traffic lights on Weizmann are also numbered, from 1 to 8, in the same way as those on Ahuza.  The Street runs east-west and takes you from the industrial zone, the hi-tech center through the residential area to the new development - Lev Hapark.  A new suburb called “2005” was recently developed on the east side.

Mostly the nightlife revolves around the pubs in the industrial zone, the restaurants and eateries on Ahuza and the cinemas in the Renanim and The Park, shopping malls. 


Raanana  tends to attract families.  While there are a lot of facilities and entertainment options for singles, many move to Tel Aviv, about 15km away, where they can enjoy the night-life and social scene.  Entertainment in Tel Aviv is generally more expensive.

Why so many choose Raanana

  • High standard of living
  • Large concentration of English speakers
  • High level of education & special attention to new immigrants
  • Many cultural and social activities aimed at new immigrants
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Centrally located, 25 minutes from Tel Aviv
  • Many employment opportunities in the area, including the Kiryat Etgarim business park - an important hi-tech center.
  • A wide choice of synagogues, some specifically geared to the new immigrant population.
  • The popular Raanana Absorption Center and Ulpan
  • Aliyah support before and during the absorption process
  • Large community of supportive veteran immigrants
  • Offices of  ESRA (English-speaking), TELFED (South Africa), OLEI (Latin America), UNIFAN (France).  The AACI (US and Canada) office is now in Tel Aviv,

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