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Hospitals in Israel

israel public hospitals

Israel's Public Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hebrew: בתי חולים ציבוריים בישראל





Hopefully you will never need to be admitted to hospital, failing this, there is a choice of being hospitalized in government-run or private hospitals or Medical facilities.  The Health Funds work in conjunction with the government hospitals and also with many private Medical facilities. Some treatments and services are only offered at hospitals on an outpatient basis.

Should you need to go to a hospital for any reason, you will be required to present a “confirmation of participation” (hit’chay’voot) by the health fund.  The "hitchayvoot" is also referred to as "Tofes 17" - Form 17. This document is only provided with a doctor’s referral.  If you are taken to the emergency room, you may have to provide a authorization (hit’chay’voot) to the hospital within a certain time after you have been discharged, as specified by them. 

You may be able to speed up an operation etc. if you go to a private hospital or Medical center.

You can have a baby at any of the government run hospitals in Israel.  Generally your own OB/GYN will not be present at the birth.  The duty doctor is available if necessary.  The hospital's midwives will assist you through your labor and a normal delivery.   The midwives are very experienced and you can trust them. It is comforting though if your gynecologist is affiliated to the hospital at which you are giving birth. He may even be on duty when you deliver and he can always check in on you after the birth. 

List of Hospitals in Israel & Telephone Numbers

Abarbanel Mental Health Center Bat Yam 03.5552626
Alyn Hospital Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center Jerusalem 02.6494222
Assaf Harofeh Medical Center Ramla 08.9779999
 Assuta Hospital  Petah Tikva  03.9053535
 Assuta Medical Center  Tel Aviv  03.7644444
 Atidim Medigroup Hospital  Tel Aviv  03.6499133
 Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya  Tiberias  04.6652211
 Barzilai Medical Center  Ashkelon  08.6745555
 Beit Rivka Geriatric Medical Center  Petah Tikva  03.9373801
 Bikur Holim Hospital  Jerusalem  02.6464111
Bnai Zion Medical Center Haifa 04.8359359
Carmel Medical Center Haifa 04.8250211
Chaim Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer 03.5303030
Dana Children's Hospital Tel Aviv 03.6974444
Edith Wolfson Hospital Holon 03.5028211
Elisha Hospital Haifa 04.8300000
 Emek Medical Center  Afula  04.6494000
Geha Mental Health Center Petah Tikva 03.9258200
Hadassah Hospital - Har HaTsofim Jerusalem 02.5844111
Hadassah Medical Center - Ein Kerem Jerusalem 02.6777111
Herzliya Medical Centers Herzliya 09.9592555
Herzog Hospital Jerusalem 02.5316817
Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Hadera 04.6304304
Holy Family Hospital (Italian Hospital) Nazareth 04.6508950
Kaplan Medical Center Rehovot  08.9441211
Laniado Hospital - Sanz Medical Center  Netanya  09.8604662
Lis Maternity Hospital  Tel Aviv  03.6974444
Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center Raanana 09.7709090
Maaynei Hayeshua Bnei Brak 03.5771111
Magen David Adom in Israel - Emergency   101
Meir Medical Center Kfar Sava 09.7471758
National Institute for Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured Tel Aviv 03.5650820
Nes Ziona Psychiatric Hospital Nes Ziona 08.9284074
Rabin Medical Center Petah Tikva 03.9377377
Ramat-Aviv Medical Center Tel Aviv 03.6401234
Rambam Medical Center Haifa 04.8543111
 Reuth Medical Center Tel Aviv 03.6383666
 Schneider Children's Medical Center Petah Tikva 03.9253253
 Shaar Menashe Mental Health Center Hefer 04.6278888 
 Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem 02.6555111
Shmuel Harofe Geriatric Medical Center Beer Yaakov 08.9258666
Shoham Medical Center for Geriatric Medicine Pardes Hana 04.6375656
Soroka Medical Center Beer-Sheva 08.6400111
Talbiya Psychiatric Hospital Jerusalem 02.5669422
 Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Tel Aviv 03.6974444 
 Western Galilee Hospital Nahariya  04.9107107 
Yoseftal Medical Center Eilat 08.6358011
Ziv Medical Center Safed (Tsfat) 04.6828811

Our Tip

The Israel Poison Information Center at Rambam offers a 24 hour service and they are very helpful.  Call: 04-854-2725

Private Medical Facilities

Private hospitals offer all the services of a government run hospital.  The lines are shorter and the care is much more personalized.  Some private Medical facilities only offer specific treatments and the health funds sometimes use these facilities for tests and treatments.

Family Health Clinics – Tipat Halav

The Family Health Clinics (Tipat Halav) run by the Ministry of Health, offer pre-natal and post-natal services to mothers and infants regardless of the health fund you belong to.  During your pregnancy, amongst other things, they will check your weight and take your blood pressure. They administer the inoculations for your children and check on their well-being.  They weigh, measure, give nutritional advice for infants, check development and give breast feeding advice.  They also have a list of doulas that you can contact, should you want that service.

Useful Contact Information

The Israeli Ministry of Health:  website - www.health.gov.il  Tel: 02- 670 5705

Ombudsman (for public complaints, health fund issues as well as the basket of health services): Tel: 02-568 1234

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