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Israel Road Signs

Road Signs in Israel

Hebrew: תמרורים


There are 255 road signs and 87 road markings in Israel.  Here are a few of them:

Warning Signs

STOP ahead

Rough road

Sharp left curve

Sharp right curve

Winding left curve

Winding right curve

Curve left and then right

Curve right and then left

Winding road

Road narrows

Narrow bridge



Side road on the left

Side road on the right


Staggered crossroads


Minor road merging from the right

Merger with major road from the left

Minor road merging from the left

Merger with major road from the right

Traffic congestion

Falling rocks

Dangerous descent

Danger of skidding

Pedestrian crossing

Pedestrians nearby

Two-way traffic

Speed bump

Wild animals

Farm vehicles crossing

Bicycle traffic crossing



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