Sunday, 20 January 2019
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Your essential guide to Israel - Aliyah, relocation, lifestyle and travel.


The Israel Enduring Power of Attorney

 enduring power of attorney 100x100   An Enduring Power of Attorney may only be handled and executed under the supervision of an Israeli lawyer who was specially trained for this purpose by the Administrator General and applies to those who have lost their cognitive abilities.  Adv. Mike Zaslansky explains further.

Nut varieties; Hebrew English and Transliterations

 word sheets 100x100 It's customary to eat dried fruit and nuts on Tu B'Shevat.  Here is a free word sheet with the Hebrew names of common varieties available in Israel.

Parting & crossing the Red Sea

 parting the red sea 100x100

The Tu B'Shevat lesson from this weeks Portion of the Law - Beshalach

A perfect Israel winter hike - Nahal Refaim

nahal refaim 100x100

Explore Nahal Refaim with hiking blogger Susannah Schild.  A family hike to this winter river will take your breath away.  From her blog HikingInTheHolyLand.

Colin Schachat Charity Concert

 colin shachat100x100

Having performed on the world stage with greats such as Andrea Bocelli and Jose Carreras, renowned international baritone Colin Schachat joins forces with his son Gabi in a one-time charity concert (brought back by public demand) on 02.02.19

Jewish jokes - Ha ha ha

jewish jokes 100x100   Best Jew jokes, daily jokes. Start your day with a smile.

Israel Rail - train updates for January 2019

 ben gurion airport train100x100 Countrywide train updates for January 2019 including the Ben Gurion Airport line.

Is there someone above watching over us?

 kippot100x100 Kippah, yarmulke or skullcap.  Find out more about this small hat and headcovering. Why do men wear them?  Are there kippot for women?

Tips for opening a bank account in Israel

 bank account 100x100 The process of opening a bank account in Israel starts immediately upon your arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport. You will receive your identity document as well as a l document called “Note of Future Bank Account”.

The Jewish month of Shevat

 jewish month of tevet The Jewish Month of Shevat aligns with the astrological sign of Aquarius - a time of growth and expansion. Aquarians are the zodiacs eccentrics. By Rav Nissim Mordechai Makor.

A Shakshouka recipe for cheats and for foodies

 shakshouka Shakshouka; easy to prepare, tasty, healthy, low in calories and a real good food. From Tel Aviv to Toronto, from New York to Naples and Melbourne to Minnesota, everyone is into the craze and enjoying shakshouka for breakfast, lunch or supper.

Learn the Hebrew language with the experts

soup100x100 Drink or eat soup?  See what the Academy of Hebrew Language has to say.

Latest Israel news updates

 israel news Israel's national news of the day. Latest headlines and news items of special interest to Israel's oleh, expat and international community.

Shipping to Israel for immigration (Aliyah) and relocation

 aliyah shipping rights Copy Everything you need to know about your Aliyah lift or relocation shipment to Israel.  Planning, packing, customs and delivery tips and information.

100 ways to learn Hebrew - free resources and tools

learning hebrew 100x100 Hebrew levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Use our free resources and tools to kick-start and advance your Hebrew learning.

Tips for signing a rental agreement in Israel

rental agreement There is no standard rental contract in Israel. Do not sign a rental contract without following these 25 tips compiled by veteran olim.

The Israel Fact-book

israel flag and facts 100x100   You name it we've got it! Interesting, fun and amazing facts and information about Israel; customs, weather, popular foods, government and more for olim, expats and travelers.  

Traveling in Israel is easier than ever before

travel israel 100x100   Top things, sites, tourist attractions and places to visit in Israel. FAQ's and best travel tips. Local, current time in Israel.

Israel communities

beit shemesh israel aliyah communities   From Kiryat Shmona to Eilat.  Don't know where to live? Choose and compare aliyah and other diverse communities that have chosen Israel as their home.

Employment & careers

employment expats in Israel 150x150   Looking for a job and work opportunities in Israel? Changing careers? Jobs for English speaking olim and internationals in Israel and other foreign language speakers

Learn Hebrew quickly and easily

learn hebrew words  

Do it in Hebrew! Learn the Hebrew language, online and for free.  Word sheets by topic from A-Z, with Hebrew, English & transliterations

israel banking terms 100 shekels75x75  

Manage your personal finances effectively. Get ahead with our free list of must-know Hebrew banking terms; with English, transliterations and French as well.

hebrew english translations   Press 1 for Hebrew, 2 for Russian, 3 for Arabic & here for English: Bituach Leumi, Kupat Holim & Hevrat HaHashmal. Hebrew to English translation of the automated answering machines.
hebrew english translations electricity bill   Now you can understand your household bills. For your convenience, we've translated a selection of the most common household bills from Hebrew to English.
hebrew english israel slang words   Talk Hebrew like an Israeli. Must know Hebrew slang words.  Your essential guide to speaking street Hebrew. Sababa!

Medical & Healthcare

israel medical and healthcare   A comprehensive guide to Israel's medical system, the 4 health-funds, healthcare services and treatments 

Shopping & Consumerism

israel shopping   Shopping and consumerism, price checks, best deals, what to buy, memorable experiences, best malls in Israel, markets and shopping districts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and other popular Aliyah communities.

Israel Transport Guide

israel transport services 100x100   All of Israel's transport services explained in detail as well as the rav kav, train timetable updates, private and public taxi services, how to get to Ben Gurion Airport and more

Aliyah & Relocation Tips

top tips for israel  

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