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The Israel Association for Emotional First Aid

Hebrew:  השרות של עזרה ראשונה נפשית - ער"ן




ERAN - Israel Association for Emotional First Aid (via the Telephone and the Internet) established in Jerusalem in 1971, the only organization in Israel operating an anonymous and confidential round the clock service, provides unconditional, confidential and non-judgmental emotional support for all, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion or race.   Nearly 1,000 professionally trained volunteers address a myriad of issues with patience, compassion and tolerance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Shabat and Holidays. ERAN which serves the entire spectrum of Israeli society, is a founding member of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) and a member of IFOTES, The International Federation of Telephonic Emergency Services and of CHI (Child Helpline International).

We will always be available on the telephone and via the internet to each and every individual experiencing emotional difficulties or in crisis and will act as a sympathetic ear, and provide “emotional first aid” and information while respecting the privacy and anonymity of the caller.

Our mission is to provide a free and accessible emotional first aid hotline for anyone in need of immediate and confidential emotional support. What ever the issue, whether it’s violence, suicide, loneliness, sickness, distress or anxiety, ERAN volunteers are available to assist callers when they need help most urgently.


Call ERAN Quickdial - 1201


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