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Looking for cheaper accommodation? Try one of Israel's many hostels accredited by the Israel Tourist Board.

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Adventurous foreign travelers and backpackers are always looking for economical lodgings. Some of Israel's hostels are quite special and offer good accommodation (not only bunk beds), panoramic views as well as being conveniently located near the major tourist sites. Hostels are not just for youth or backpackers.  There are plenty of hostels that are family-friendly too. Local Israelis love to travel, they love new experiences, the outdoors, hiking with their families and discovering the unique character of Israel's ancient past and present - all are looking for the best deal and affordable accommodation. Hostels offer an amazing and memorable experience.

The Hebrew word for 'hostel':  אכסניה  - Achsaniya

Each hostel operates independently and has it’s own minimum stay requirements.  Anyone holding a ILH Card - Israel Hostel Card - is entitled to a minimum of a 5 percent discount on their hostel accommodation for a direct reservation (not online). 

It's best to book your stay ahead of time. Most hostels have private rooms, make sure to inquire at the time of booking. For travelers to Israel, consider volunteering and some hostels may offer your free accommodation in exchange.

Hostel prices for popular destinations - July, 2019

Prices at the Dead Sea start at $27/night

In the Galilee the price guide is between $25 - $29/night for a bed

$27/night will get you a bed in Jerusalem

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