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Pesach strain. Avoiding & treating back pain - 5 tips to mantain a healthy body.

By: Dr. Roy Sery, Chiropractor


Dr. Roy Sery, well known to many of you, runs a spine-clinic in Herzliyah and Netanya. One of his specialties is sports chiropractic. Now that Pesach is around the corner and cleaning for the holiday begins in earnest, Dr. Sery has kindly shared 5 tips to avoid, treat and eliminate back pain.

Your regular cleaning regimen puts a strain on your back but especially during Pesach prep time, you are bound to be doing extra cleaning and preparations that could put a strain on your body.  Here are a few tips to help avoid back pain:

Stand Straight

Bending forward while mopping the floors or reaching for those 'hard-to-get-to' places can add significant pressure to your lower back. Make sure to keep your spinal posture straight while doing these household tasks.


Be careful how you lift. Don't bend over from the waist in order to lift groceries or heavy objects. Bend your knees and squat, pulling in your stomach muscles and holding the objects close to your body as you stand up. Also, don't twist your body while lifting.

Don't Slouch

Pay attention to your sitting posture at the seder table. Although we are told to "recline" during the Seder, a straight-back chair with a low back support could help relieve pressure from your back. Sit up straight and avoid crossing your legs.


Wear comfortable shoes all the time (and when you are cleaning). A good pair of shoes that provide good foot support of the right width can help alleviate back pain. Completely flat shoes and ladies' high heels can aggravate back pain.


Use the holiday time to get some more exercise. Going for a 20 minute walk can help reduce some muscle tension and work off those matzah calories.

Seek Professional Help

If your back pain persists, please consult with your physician.


Dr. Roy Sery, Chiropractor

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