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Aliyah Day - Monday, November 4th, 2019.

Yom HaAliyah - יום העלייה


aliyah bet

Refugees crowd the rail of the Aliyah Bet ("illegal" immigration) ship "Josiah Wedgwood," anchored at the Haifa port. British soldiers transported the passengers to the Atlit internment center. Palestine, June 27, 1946. —Image credit: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Olim!  Israel now officially celebrates Aliyah. Aliyah day or Yom HaAliyah on the seventh day of the Hebrew month of Heshvan, and with the weekly reading of the Torah portion, Lech Lecha wherein our forefather Abraham is told to leave his home and travel to a new land, Canaan, that is now Israel.  You could say that Abraham was the first documented person to make Aliyah - the first Oleh.

During the week prior to Yom HaAliyah, the theme of study at schools is the contribution of immigrants to Israel.  Students will study different waves of immigration with particular emphasis being placed on the unique characteristics of olim from various countries. Students will also meet with new and old immigrants and hear their personal stories.

The cabinet will hold a special meeting and ceremonies will be held at the President’s Residence, the IDF and police.

Nearly all Israelis are the descendants of immigrants, many of whom fled Europe before and after the Holocaust, or who were expelled from Arab countries in the early 1950s.

Jay Shultz, founder of TLV Internationals and president of the Am Yisrael Foundation helped conceive the bill that acknowledges Aliyah and honors the ongoing contributions of Olim to Israeli society.

Calendar for Aliyah Day

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5779)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5780)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5781)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5782)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5783)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5784)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5785)

at sundown (7th of Cheshvan, 5786)

Aliyah statistics for 2018

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