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Six Steps to a Successful Aliyah


Whether you are making Aliyah or relocating to Israel, use our Aliyah Planner and check list to ensure that you have done everything necessary and in a timely and convenient manner.


Before Aliyah

Step 1 - Get Cracking on the Paperwork

  • Check the validity of your passports
  • Gather all your necessary documentation, certifications etc. If you are making Aliyah check with your shaliach (emissary) and your Aliyah organization that all your papers are in order. Be sure to keep important documents in your hand luggage. Do not post or ship them.
  • Settle and cancel all your utilities
  • If possible, send out a change of postal, email address and telephone numbers to all your friends and colleagues.
  • Contact your doctors for medical records and possible referrals to new physicians.
  • Contact friends and family, in Israel, and give them your arrival date.
  • Contact schools and arrange for student records
  • Israel state schools are not quite like the Jewish Day Schools we know in the Diaspora. Join social networks and post a request for information and recommended schools in the city or town of your choice.
  • Ensure that you have certified copies of  diplomas and degrees
  • Check out our article  “Documents for Aliyah”  - make sure you have everything

Step 2 - Arrange Accommodation

  • If you have already made a pilot trip and have decided on where you would like to live, and you have the means, start  looking into real estate and housing options in Israel.
  • Arrange for temporary accommodation if necessary: check into the possibility of government-sponsored housing, absorption centers, an inexpensive hotel or a short-term klita apartment at subsidized  rates.
  • If you do buy at this stage, consider renting out your new home until your arrive or are ready to move in.
  • Accommodation for your pets; research regulations, quarantines and procedures
  • Arrange for a rental car if necessary.

Step 3 - Relocation

  • Budget your relocation expenses
  • Book your flight  –  it will give you a  real goal to work towards.
  • Research reputable removal and shipping companies – make arrangements for your aliyah or relocation shipment.  Whether it is a small shipment of large container, Anglo-list works with reputable shipping agencies.  See the Featured Businesses on the left side of this page.
  • Ship your goods ahead of time if you have already have suitable accommodation arranged.
  • Arrange for storage facilities for your household items if necessary. Century Storage provides  Anglo-listers with top-notch storage facilities in the Jerusalem area.
  • Give notice to your landlord if necessary
  • Become familiar with Israel shipping regulations
  • Start downsizing and sorting a few months in advance of your aliyah and only then get your shippers to pack your boxes, make an inventory for the movers and keep a copy for yourself.
  • Make sure you’ve taken out insurance for your shipment

Step 4 - Finances & Employment

  • Consider the cost of buying a car in Israel vs. shipping your vehicle - sell your car if necessary
  • Consider every purchase you make now carefully, stop buying things that will not be necessary for your new lives or that you will have to throw or give away before you leave. Start using up consumables in your cupboards.  If you want to bring stocks of your favorite local brands, organize it at this time.
  • Advise your tax authority that you are  leaving the country and apply for any refunds if applicable
  • Investigate the  regulations regarding  moving your money, from your country of origin, to Israel
  • If you haven't already done so, start putting money away to help tide you over in the first few months
  • Finalize and transfer your pension fund, life insurance and other insurance policies
  • Start researching the job market and employment opportunities - check out job sites, employment agencies and social networks.
  • Get your Curriculum Vitae up to date (in Israel it is referred to as a resume) and prepare one according to Israel resume requirements. We have lots of top employment tips to help you on your way!
  • Identify companies you want to work for and get in touch with them
  • If you are self-employed,  consider your options for opening a business in Israel – re-qualifying, taxation etc. 
  • Get in touch with MATI -  they provide mentoring for small and medium businesses.  As a new immigrant you are entitled to a range of benefits from them.
  • Write your letter of resignation and have it ready to hand in at the appropriate time
  • Make sure you leave enough time to wrap up your affairs

Step 5 - Saying Goodbye

  • When you've taken care of everything, make a final trip to your favorite places and take lots of photographs.
  • Treasure every moment when you say farewell to family and friends!

After Aliyah

Step 6 - In Israel

We wish you every success in your new home.

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