Sunday, 20 January 2019
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Absorption Basket for New Immigrants to Israel - The Sal Klita

Hebrew - סל קליטה לעולים חדשים



 benefits for aliyah

Israel's Ministry of Immigrant Absorption offers you financial assistance during the initial Aliyah absorption period.  This assistance is paid during the first year following your Aliyah.

Am I eligible for Aliyah benefits?

Immigrants from all countries, as authorized by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Misrad HaKlitah) are able to receive these benefits. 

New Olim (new immigrants), Ezrachim Olim (an oleh citizen), and Ktinim Chozrim (returning minors) are eligible for Sal Klitah. Sal Klitah is only granted to those who have spent less than 18 months in Israel in the three years prior to their Aliyah, and less than three years in Israel in the seven years prior to their Aliyah.

When do I receive the financial assistance?

The absorption basket is paid in installments and you will receive the first installment upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.  The absorption basked is partly paid in cash and partly paid by bank transfer. You will receive the cash only at the airport.  The remaining installments will be transferred to your bank account.

How many installments will I receive?

Altogether you will receive 8 payments; a lump sum at the airport, a lump sum transferred to your bank account and then an additional 6 consecutive monthly payments.

Opening a Bank Account

It is recommended that you open a bank account within a few days of your arrival in Israel.  As soon as you have your bank account number, you must provide this information to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption so that the remaining installments and financial assistance can be transferred to your account.  It might be a little challenging opening a bank account with limited Hebrew skills, so we've translated and transliterated all the banking terms you need.

How much are we entitled to?

There various categories of olim, and the category you fall under, will determine the amount of assistance you receive.  It is important that you verify this with your shaliach/emissary or your aliyah office.

The Categories

  • A family or couple
  • A single parent family
  • A single
  • A couple before retirement
  • A single parent, before retirement
  • A single, before retirement
  • A retired couple
  • A retired head of a single parent family
  • A single retiree
  • Child between the ages of 0-4
  • Child between the ages of 4 - 18
  • Child between the ages of 18 -21
  • A family with 6 or more members

What will happen when I no longer receive this financial assistance?

You will probably be finishing your ulpan around the time this assistance comes to an end. Hopefully your job search will be successful and you will gain employment within a short space of time.  If not, you may be entitled to assured income payments - havtachat hachnasa.  The Ministry of Absorption will guide and refer you to the necessary departments and offices that will determine if you are entitled to this additional help.


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