Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Aliyah Shipping


Bringing a Car to Israel

Should I bring or should I buy? No one told me about the hidden costs, the paperwork...


Import Duties & Rights for Shipping to Israel

The Israeli ports, storage, strikes, customs, security and what not to ship...


Israel Import Regulations

New import regulations on specific items



The measurements of standard household items - see how they'll fit


Packing the Shipping Container

What can I pack into a 6m (20 foot) container?


Personal Imports

Customs Tax, VAT & Purchase Tax on Personal Imports


Preparing, Packing, Shipping & Delivering your Aliyah Shipment

Time to get ready for the packing crew to show up


Shipping Costs to Israel

Prepare your Aliyah budget. Start planning early, get quotes, visual estimates and references


Shipping for Aliyah - Terminology

An A - Z guide of useful shipping terms; demurrage, FCL, partial pack...


Questions & Answers

FAQs, aliyah grants, insurance, estimates and more...


What to Bring in Your Aliyah or Relocation Shipment

Your Aliyah shipment, tax free items and exceptions...

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