Saturday, 19 January 2019
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Import regulations for new immigrants to Israel

Hebrew: יבוא אישי לעולים חדשים

import regulations for israel

Gas Grills

New import regulations came into effect in January 2013.  The Israeli Customs Authority now requires a "Teken" (Approval from Ministry of Standards) or a "Ptor" (Hebrew: Exemption from the approval) for ALL gas grills imported, even as personal import. Any import shipment containing a gas grill will be pulled for inspection, and the grill will be held by customs until the approval or exemption is issued. Charges for the inspection/ removal, and storage of the gas grill will be billed to you, the owner.



January 2013 - The Ashdod Customs House has decided to inspect any import shipment with a bicycle, to ensure that the bicycle is not motorized. Motorized bicycles require approval from Ministry of Transportation. The cost of f the inspection are billed to the owner of the goods. As of now,  this only applicable to shipments arriving to Ashdod.

New regulations for electric bicycles

It should be noted that commencing January 1st, 2019 new regulations and restrictions for riding electrical bicycles, in Israel, came into effect and includes:

  • Registration of bicycles
  • Training courses for those without a driving license
  • Compulsory helmets
  • Stiffer fines for violations
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