Thursday, 27 June 2019
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Life Satisfaction and English-Speaking Olim

A research project between The University of Haifa and the Anglo-List 

Cheryl Zlotnick, RN DrPH, Laura Dryjanska, PhD, Suzanne Suckerman

A survey of 50 questions on various aspects of Aliyah and life satisfaction, was published on the Anglo-List and the participation of olim was requested.  The survey was promoted via the website and via social media.  The data was gathered, analyzed and prepared.  The information is under review and awaiting publication.

In the meantime, some preliminary findings were made available and included origin, age and gender demographics as follows:

Country of Origin

55% of respondents were from the USA

18% from the United Kingdom

9% from South Africa

6% from Canada

12% from other countries

Age Demographic

25% between the ages of 18 - 39

53% between the ages of 40 - 64

22% were 65 or older

Gender Demographic

74% of respondents were women

26% of respondents were men


In the survey respondents were asked a number of questions on different aspects of life satisfaction including and amongst others:

  • Ranking their Hebrew abilities in various situations
  • Life expectations
  • Self identity and Jewish identity

Further analysis continued and then, on December 18th, 2017, some of the findings were presented to the public in the form of a panel discussion with expert discussants, representatives of Aliyah offices and members of the general public.

Prof. Cheryl Zlotnick, RN DrPH, from The University of Haifa, supervised the research and her presentation for the evening, is published below.  Dr. Laura Dryjanska, who is now an Assistant Professor in Biola University and residing in the USA, participated via Skype.


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