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Be the savviest traveler.  Best tips for traveling & touring Israel.

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Ein Advat: Image credit - Callie Joseph (Unsplash)

Traveling with children

Israel is a family-oriented environment and small children are welcome and appreciated everywhere. Israel's resort hotels have a varied selection of kids meals and plenty of activities so mom and dad can spend a relaxing day at the pool. When booking your vacation,  check if baby-sitting services are available.  Boutique hotels, spa hotels and exclusive B&B's may have a child-friendly policy.

There are lots of activities for children in Israel which include plenty of museums, amusement parks, family trails, outdoor-extreme activities and of course supervised swimming along Israel's magnificent coastline.  Children under 12 usually qualify for discounts on admission fees to most museums, amusement parks, swimming pools and entertainment centers.  Children under the age of five can travel for free on Israel's public transport.  Israel's national airline - ELAL is kid friendly.

Women travelers

Israel is safe for women travelers, nevertheless women traveling alone, as in any country, should be cautious.  There are plenty of hostels across Israel and a nights accommodation will start at around $60 per person.  If you are a keen camper, you can expect to pay around $20 per night.  For added comfort, security and economy you might want to stay in one of Israel's many hotels that offer half-board rates.  Check reviews before making any reservation.

Know who's near. Locate an oleh-friendly trave agent near you

Many women in Israel live a liberal lifestyle. However, women travelers should be aware that there are very conservative religious communities which have strong traditional roots and dress codes.   With many religious and holy sites, be sure to check what is considered appropriate apparel.

In ultra-orthodox Jewish communities you will cause offense by wear tight or revealing clothes.  Pack a skirt (not a mini), loose trousers and a long sleeved cotton shirt which will suit a wide range of situations.  Shorts and bare shouldered T's are great for the beach and holiday towns like Eilat.

When socializing in an ultra-orthodox community wait until a hand is offered to you for a handshake. Devout Jewish and Muslim men will not  shake hands with a woman.

If you are pregnant, you are at an advantage.  In Israel, pregnant women are likely to be served first at banks and post offices and of course someone will stand up for you on public transport.

Disabled travelers

The airport, major shopping malls and many public places have good access and facilities for disabled travelers. The newer buses, are wheelchair friendly. If you are planning a train journey, you should coordinate your journey with Israel Railways so that they can ensure that all facilities for wheelchair access are prearranged for you.  Ben Gurion International Airport is disabled friendly and you can obtain assistance.

Designated disabled parking spaces are plentiful in Israel though you need a disabled permit to use them.  If you are hiring a car, check requirements and restrictions with the rental company.


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