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Summertime: Israel's top beaches

Hebrew: החופים הכי טובים בארץ


The climate in Israel makes it possible to bathe almost all year round.  You can choose from 4 different seas; The Mediterranean, The Red Sea, The Sea of Galilee and The Dead Sea and each with its own unique water cycles, plant and marine life. Armed with suitable sun protection, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water you could visit a different beach every week, all year round.  The 10 top beaches in Israel as voted by you, are:

israel top 10 beaches

1.  The Dolphin Reef Eilat - The Red Sea

The Dolphin Reef offers magical views of the surrounding mountains and the opportunity to swim with, meet and observe the dolphins in their natural habitat.  

Entrance fee. Telephone: 08-630-0100

2.  The Coral Beach Eilat - The Red Sea

Beautiful corals, underwater gardens and a variety of brilliantly colored tropical fish make up one of the most densely populated coral reefs in the world.  With its delicate ecosystem great care is taken to maintain this balance and so visitor numbers are controlled.  Snorkeling equipment is available for hire and guided snorkeling is available for large groups.

Entrance fee.  Tel: 08 637 6829 

3.  Hof Dor Tantura - The Mediterranean

Just a few minutes from the northern town of Zichron Yaakov, Hof Dor Tantura boasts beautiful sandy beaches, a calm and gentle sea with almost no waves.  If the family beach is too noisy you'll find secluded spots a few hundred meters along. Basic camping facilities are also available.

Entrance fee.  Tel: 04-6399121

4. Caesarea Aqueduct Beach - The Mediterranean

Situated approximately half-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa you'll find the town of Caesarea.  After you have roamed the archaeological ruins spend  a relaxing afternoon on the beach which is flanked by an ancient Roman aqueduct.  Great swimming and a great photo opportunity.

5.  Sironit Beach Netanya - The Mediterranean

Netanya's main beach, Sironit Beach, is located below the Rishonim Promenade and can be accessed by the transparent sea elevator. Two breakwaters are set up opposite the beach which create tranquil bays and enable safe swimming almost all year round.

Know who's near! Use the Business Directory to locate English speaking, oleh-friendly professionals near you.

6.  Haifa - The Mediterranean

Three beaches, adjacent to one another; Carmel, Zamir and Dado are the most popular in Haifa.  The Carmel Beach is surrounded by breakwaters and this calm water is an ideal place for children to swim.  Zamir and Dado are family beaches. There are plenty of waves (but not too rough), a selection of restaurants (some kosher) and grassy areas that run along the 2km boardwalk between the two beaches. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Carmel Mountains. Free Wi-Fi too!

7. Mineral Beach - The Dead Sea

Although the salt levels of The Dead Sea prevent marine life, the abundance of minerals and their health benefits are a huge attraction for visitors from around the world. Mineral Beach is a private beach located at the northern Dead Sea and is open all year around.  You can also take advantage of the sulfur pools, mud baths and spa treatments.  Lots of great air, wonderful views and warm sunny days.

Entrance fee.

8.  Guy Beach - Sea of Galilee (Tiberias)

Because the Sea of Galilee is actually a lake its shores are not soft and sandy.  Along the shore there are plenty of places where you can pull in and wade into the water at your own risk. You need to be careful as there are often strong winds and the water currents can be turbulent and dangerous.  If you are looking for safe place to swim and lifeguards in attendance you may want to check out Guy Beach.  For the kids there is a water slide, a wave and a regular pool. There are also large grassy, shaded areas and a restaurant.

Entrance fee.

9.  Achziv Beach - The Mediterranean

About 5km north of Nahariya, and a little before Rosh Hanikra lies Achziv.  There are a few beaches here that you may want to try. Some require paying an entrance fee and others are free.  You'll find marine life, sea anemones, urchins and even turtles among the rocks. Treat yourself to a late afternoon visit and watch a magnificent sunset.

10.  Tel Aviv - The Mediterranean

 It's very hard to choose which one of Tel Aviv's many beaches is the best. National Geographic and Lonely Planet rank the Tel Aviv beaches in their Top 10 List.  Whether you choose to jog, cycle, swim, surf or just do some people-watching you will enjoy the nearly 15km of beaches on the greater Tel Aviv coastline. There is capoeira at the Dolphinarium, volleyball at Gordon, separate bathing for men and women at Nordau Beach and kite surfing at Aviv Beach. Access to Tzuk Beach, Metzitzim and the Hilton are disabled friendly.