Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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Planning a 5 day holiday in Israel.  Visit and tour some of the lesser known attractions.

Hebrew: חופשה בישראל - סיורים וטיולים בארץ

holiday in israel chili peppers mahane yehuda

Fresh chillis in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda Market - Image credit: Fancycrave

So, you are planning a holiday in Israel - it's a short trip wherein your'e planning  to visit the relatives and inbetween family dinners and commitments you want to see as much of Israel as you possibly can,. What are the 'must see' attractions?  We asked members of our Facebook group: If you had only 5 days to take a holiday and show someone around Israel, where would you take them?  The results were unanimous. You need more time.  You cannot possibly tour Israel in 5 days!!!

Surprisingly, when we collected the results, many of the traditionally popular sites were not nominated but some lesser known sites, were.  Here are the results:



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