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Birthright-Taglit Israel

Birthright or Taglit is an educational organization that sponsors 10-day trips to Israel for youth with Jewish heritage.  These trips are designed to connect these youth with their Jeiwsh roots and find their Jewish identity.  Since 1999 when the first Taglit trip was made, around 1/2 million youth have participated.

To be eligible for a Taglit sponsored trip to Israel, you must have at least one parent of Jewish descent. You must be between the ages of 18-26, post high-school, and never traveled to Israel before on an education or study program. 

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A Taglit-Birthright Israel trip includes airfare from major cities, hotel accommodation, two meals per day, security, all transportation within Israel, and other costs associated with touring the country during the ten-day trip.

A Taglit-Birthright mega-event was held in Jerusalem on 24.12.2017. Following is the official press release regarding Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's address at the event:

netanyahu speaking at birthright taglit

Credit: Sharona Avraham 


"No Matter where you come from and how you pray – Israel is your home"

Said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to thousands of young Jews participating in 'Birthright Israel's main event held in Jerusalem tonight

"4000 years ago, our people arrived to this country- and they were sent to exile. Usually people who are expelled – tend to disappear with time- but the Jewish nation refuses to disappear. When we said: 'Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem'- we knew our wish will come true. It took us a while, but we made it and we are here forever. Strong Israel support powerful Jewish community worldwide. This is 'Birthright Israel's' 18th year of operation – while in Hebrew 18 means 'Hchai', being alive. 'Birthright Israel' brings life to more than half a million Jews over the world and there's nothing that represents your Jewish identity more than 'Birthright Israel' Venture. Remember that no matter where you come from and how you pray – Israel is your home". said Prime Minister Netanyahu in the main event of 'Birthright Israel', the largest Jewish venture in the world.

The event, held in the International Convention Center in Jerusalem in the presence of Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, Meir Shamir, Birthright Israel International CEO, Gidi Mark, Members of the Israeli Knesset, benefactors, fellows and participants from around the world. 

'Birthright Israel' International CEO, Gidi Mark: "As we open 'Birthright Israel's 18th year, we find great importance, especially in this time, in strengthening the bond between young Jewish people in the diaspora, their Jewish heritage and the state of Israel. This year, we continue to expand our offering for future participants, providing more ways than ever for them to connect with their Jewish roots and Israel's diverse character".


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