Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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Must have Israel apps for Coronavirus - Covid 19.

magenappHamagen 2

The Israel Health Ministry has just released the second version of their phone app (for Android and IPhone)  to help prevent spread of coronavirus.  The app,  called ‘Hamagen 2’ or in English 'Shield' tracks a user’s whereabouts and then compares them to the known whereabouts of confirmed COVID-19 cases and automatically checks if your paths have crossed within the last 14 days

Download the for Android and iPhone.



The 'TrackVirus' app from United Hatzalah - Israeli Emergency Rescue Service - is a global app to help stop the spread of corona. According to their website, user movement monitoring is maintained on the device with complete anonymity

The Android app can be downloaded here

WARNING: Be careful! Only download apps from trusted sources. Be on the lookout for dangerous apps that claim to offer help and support during the coronavirus outbreak. Numerous apps have been discovered which, once downloaded, can infect devices with nasty malware that's capable of wreaking havoc on your device. 


Screenshot of  the home-page of the HaMagen app for Android


Other must-have apps for Israel