Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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Newest restrictions for Israel have been approved - 31.03.20

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Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu proposed a list of new restrictions for the country.  These new measures have now been approved by the cabinet as reported on Channel 13 at 8:00am today.

  • The workforce will be cut down from 30 percent to 15 percent.
  • The Ministry of Finance to approve a list of essential services
  • Only workers will be allowed in places of employment - no visitors allowed
  • Workers will be grouped into shifts that are spread out
  • Food and pharma deliveries to continue
  • No weddings
  • No prayer gatherings.  Pray at home on your own.
  • Attendance at circumcisions and funerals restricted.
  • Pesach Seder: only with only members of the nuclear family - no guests whatsoever
  • Approval of additional financial aid; self employed to receive an average grant of 7,000 NIS
  • VAT, arnona, electricity, water and other official fees for businesses will be postponed
  • Grants to businesses who re-employ their workers after the crisis
  • Grants to 67+ year olds who lost their jobs as a result of the crisis
  • 11 billion shekels to be ploughed into the healthcare system