Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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Who qualifies for coronavirus testing in Israel?

With resources at testing laboratories stretched to the limits, the Ministry of Health together with the 4 Health Funds have had to set new guidelines for getting a coronavirus test.  You cannot just request one and get one.

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Who is eligible for a coronavirus test? No symptoms, no test!

On Wednesday, June 16th, it was announced that asymptomatic persons are not entitled to a coronavirus test.

Previously, the following persons were eligible:

  1. Family members of a patient who have been tested positive for the coronavirus.
  2. A person displaying symptoms of the coronavirus at the discretion of an attending physician
  3. Persons coming in contact within close contact of a diagnosed patient in an educational institution as per a specific directive given by the MOH
  4. Workers and patients in a secured living environment and high risk groups
  5. Prior to organ transplants or bone marrow transplants, person undergoing fertility treatment and cancer patients at the discretion of the attending physician

Emergency telephone numbers

Pukud HaOref - The Home Front Command

How do I get a referral for a coronavirus test?

  1. If you suspect you have the coronavirus, the first step is to call your attending physician (via your Health Fund) for the latest directions. You can also make the appointment via the Health Fund's online service, their App or call your health fund to arrange the appointment.  You cannot just show-up and expect to get tested.
  2. Once your doctor has issued a referral, you will receive a text message (SMS) and / or a phone call with instructions to schedule an appointment.
  3. You have received notification via the HaMagen App that you have come into contact with an infected person.

Going into isolation

  • If you are in isolation and do not display any symptoms, you are NOT entitled to a coronavirus test.
  • Once you have been tested for the coronavirus, you must enter a 14 day period of isolation and follow the guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Health.