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The Israel Ministry of Aliyah & Immigrant Absorption

Misrad HaAliyah VeHaKlitah

Hebrew: משרד העלייה והקליטה


misrad haklitah


General Services

The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption is responsible for assisting new immigrants and returning residents as outlined by the State of Israel.  They are responsible for encouraging aliyah and the absorption procedures prior to and after immigration (aliyah) to Israel.  In the immigrant population they also promote entrepreneurship, provide employment assistance, promote Hebrew learning, promote higher education and assisting at-risk immigrant youth.

The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption works in conjunction with the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Finance to provide assistance with housing for eligible immigrants.

Financial assistance to new immigrants is provided in the following ways:

1. Sal Klitah - The Absorption Basket

The Absorption Basket is financial assistance designed to help immigrants during the initial stages of aliyah with living expenses during ulpan study (6 months) as well as  rental assistance for their first twelve months in Israel

2. Income Insurance - Bituach Leumi

Immigrants who cannot work to support themselves are entitled to receive income insurance - Bituach Leumi.  Income insurance is also provided for those immigrants who cannot be considered 'employment seekers' for special reasons.

3. Additional Financial Assistance

Additional financial assistance is given to needy immigrants, refugee immigrants, complementary income to low-salary immigrants, loans for entrepreneurs, scholarships, grants to soldiers and other sectors of the community as outlined in current laws and regulations.

On-line Services

We always hear horror stories from new immigrants when they are forced to venture into any of the government offices.  Misrad HaKlitah is no exception.  Fortunately, you can now access your immigrant file online and enjoy the following online services:-

  1. Find your position in the public housing waiting list.​
  2. Update your address in Israel
  3. Verify the payments you have received from Misrad HaKlitah
  4. Verify new immigrant and returning resident entitlements
  5. Apply for employment assistance
  6. Download forms
  7. Apply for business advice prior to and after Aliyah


Contact Information

Information center
Public Inquiries Fax Website




+972-3-5209161 http://www.moia.gov.il/English/Pages/default.aspx


Call Center

The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption has recently opened a call center for information on a variety of topics.  Here is their contact information

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