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Local Time In Israel Asia - Jerusalem


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All about Israel

Facts, figures & general Israel information at your fingertips

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Geographical location

Is Israel on the European or Asian continent?

The capital of Israel - Jerusalem

15 fascinating and interesting facts

Clothing for Israel

Clothing customs for Israel's different cultural and religious groups...

Israel currency - The New Israeli Shekel (NIS)

Israel bank notes, coins and currency converter...

Common customs & behavior in Israel

Communication, gestures, etiquette, time and other common practices

Daylight saving time for Israel

Summer & winter times - one hour forward and one hour backward

Distances in Israel

From Kiryat Shmona to Eilat - distances between major cities, towns and settlements

Flag of Israel

Origins of the flag of Israel and its symbolism. Where does the color Tekhelet come from?

Israel's electoral system

Elections, political parties, ministers and the voting procedure

Earthquake Emergencies

Israel lies on the Syrian African fault-line. Prepare your home and family for an emergency situation

Does Israel have a national food?

Favorite foods, drinks, snacks and other delicious stuff

Hamsin, Sharav or heat-wave

50 days a year of oppressive heat and desert sand storms in Israel


Notable Israeli inventions

The Israel Defense Forces - IDF

Voluntary and compulsory service. What to bring from home. Your first day & other useful tips

Israel Independence Day

Independence Day - Heb: Yom Haatzmaut.  A day of immense sorrow is followed by celebrations and family fun time

Official Languages

Hebrew & Arabic are the official languages of Israel. English, Russian, French & Amharic are widely spoken

Israel's National Anthem

The National Anthem - Hatikvah. In Hebrew - The Hope

National Emergencies

Prepare your family and home for terrorist events, missile fire and other emergency situations

The National State Bill

Details of Israel's National State Bill of 2018

Israel population information

Latest population figures and population distribution

Postage & postal services

Israel's local and overseas postal tariffs, letters, parcels and other postal services

Presidents of Israel

Presidents from 1948 to the present day

Prime Ministers of Israel

The first Prime Minister - David Ben Gurion.  Golda Meier, Yitzhak Rabin and other great leaders

Religious Holidays

Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Bahai & Druze holidays in Israel for the coming year

Suspicious objects and suspicious behavior

How to identify a suspicious item, who to call and what to do

How to identify a suspicious person and dealing with terrorist events

First aid for stab wounds

Israel Telephone numbers & telecommunication Information

Telephone numbers, area codes, emergency numbers, mobile phone carriers

Israel Television

English news television channels

Cable channels

Israel Weather

Unique conditions, weather, climate and temperatures in Israel. A different wardrobe for every season