Wednesday, 12 May 2021
Local Time In Israel Asia - Jerusalem


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Map of Israel.

The map of Israel today showing the major cities, towns and kibbutzim.  From north to south, the coastal and central region, the Negev, Judea and Samaria as well as neighboring Arab countries.

Fast facts

Israel Is a country in the Middle East, with a population of just over 9 million people (2019). 

The capital of Israel is the City of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is home to many religious sites and is important to Jews, Christians and Muslims. 

Tel Aviv - the city that never sleeps - is Israel's industrial capital and home to hundreds of start-ups and international companies.

Haifa, the worker's city, is Israel's 3rd largest city.  This port city is home to the University of Haifa, The international acclaimed Technion Institute of Technology, Rambam Healthcare Campus and a thriving Life-Sciences and Technological park.

California has the Sililcon Valley, Israel has the Silicon Wadi. Due to its small size, the concentration of high-tech firms across much of the country is enough for it to be recognized as one large cluster. Most activity is located in the densely populated areas of metropolitan Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem as well as  the Startup Village Ecosystem in the Yokneam area,

Tel Aviv and Haifa are coastal cities on The Mediterranean Sea.  The Dead Sea, in the Southern District is the lowest point on earth. The Sea of Galilee - where Jesus is said to have walked on the water is close to the ancient, holy city of Tiberias and the holiday town of Eilat is on The Red Sea and borders with Egypt and Jordan.