Sunday, 24 March 2019
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Climate & Weather in Israel

Hebrew: אקלים ומזג האוויר בישראל 


Israel Weather 

Israel weather has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers from mid-May to mid-September. Israel has cold and rainy winters.  Light isolated showers, together with moderate and comfortable temperatures, can be expected in October.  November can be cold and during December and January, one can expect consecutive rainy days.  Snow in the mountainous northern regions of Israel are and in Jerusalem are not unusual. April is spring. Spring and autumn are short.  The peak summer season, June - August,  brings high temperatures with no rainfall. You can expect sunshine in Israel for about 8-9 months in the year.

Sunrise in Israel can be as early as 5:00am in the mid summer and around 6:30 in mid winter.  Sunset in the summer can be as late as 8:00pm and in the winter, it will be dark at around  5:00pm.

As of 2012, Israel Daylight Saving begins on the Friday before the last Sunday of March, and end on the last Sunday of October.

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Did you know?

In June 1942,  Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi in the Beit She'an Valley, which lies 722 feet below sea level, recorded the highest temperature ever officially measured in Asia: 129º Fahrenheit or 53.88º Celsius

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