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Banking in Israel made simple  

Heb: בנקאות בישראל


Banking acronyms and abbreviations

13 must know banking acronyms and abbreviations

Banking Terms

Common Hebrew English terms used in the banking industry

Tips for opening a Bank Account in Israel

The process of opening a bank account in Israel starts immediately upon your arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport. The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Haklita)  will issue you...

Bank Charges

An English translation of a Hebrew bank charges statement

Vocabulaire des services bancaires en Israël

Français - Translitération - Hébreu

Deposit Slip

An English translation of a Hebrew deposit slip

Foreign Currency

An English translation of a Hebrew foreign currency statement

Transferring Foreign Currency to Israel 

Tips on transferring your foreign currency to Israel

Banking Poll

 The most frustrating aspects of banking for immigrants and expats in Israel

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