Thursday, 27 June 2019
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Food, dining and eating out in Israel. Favorite Israeli foods, restaurants, cafes, pubs & eateries.

Hebrew: מסעדות, בתי קפה ומקומות לאכול


Looking for an amazing food experience in Israel?  From hummus to felafel, the best kebab, schnitzel or shakshouka, street food, and fine dining, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat and everyplace in between.


On the Pita, Hummous & Felafel Trail

From the humble chickpea on its journey to one of Israel's best-loved, national foods


Best Places to Eat Hummous & Felafel

Best places to eat felafel in Israel

Best places to eat hummus in Israel

Best hummus in Haifa


Favorite Eateries

Favorite places to eat in Tel Aviv

Favorite places to eat in Haifa

Favorite places in Raanana

Favorite places in Jerusalem

Top 10 fine dining locations


Restaurant Reviews

Which is your favorite restaurant or eatery in Israel?


Delicious, traditional Israeli & Middle Eastern food

Does Israel have a national food? Is it felafel, schwarma, shakshuka or boerekas?

Making couscous as well as the Israeli way

Kosher recipes for the Jewish holidays and festivals

Everything you want to know about the Jerusalem artichoke


Consumer reports

Tehina kombina

Olive oil

Meat industry

What are our children eating? 

Egg industry

Salt in our everyday food