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Eating out in Haifa - Restaurants & Eateries

Hebrew:  מסעדות ומקומות לאכול בחיפה

So its time for you to be eating out in Haifa!, This port city offers quite a few restaurants, bars and fine dining. Here's some of them you should not miss.

restaurants in haifa

.Abu Yousef

Abu Yousef in downtown Haifa (Kikar Pariz - Paris Square) – near the government buildings, (use the Carmelit, Haifa's underground which is the most efficient form of transport to get there), has the best hummous in Haifa.  I've been eating there since I was a child and have never been disappointed.  You can ask for toasted garlic bread to eat with your hummous.  They have an excellent salad bar too. They make delicious Mejadra (rice and lentil salad) with lashings of fried onions, fresh tabbouleh and tehina flavored with lots of freshly chopped parsley.  The hummous and minced lamb is a perfect combination and their kebabs are very flavorful. I like their Kubbeh too (a minced meat ball covered in burghul wheat and deep fried) I have tried many Middle Eastern restaurants in the city, but nothing compares. I keep going back there and enjoy it every time.  It gets my vote for the best value for money in town.

Abu Yousef is NOT Kosher

The Goldfish

For about 50 NIS per person, you can order an 'all-you-can-eat' mixed-catch platter of fish. Served with complimentary salads; cabbage, hummous, tehina and a chopped salad. The chips are very good too. 

You can also order sea-food as well as other varieties of fish: Denise, Locus, Musht and Buri.  They serve calamari rings and shrimps.  Ask for their garlic sauce - rotev shum and fresh lemons.

Paper table-cloths adorn the tables (of which there are not many) and one very efficient waiter/manager/chef.  Drinks are self-service from the refrigerator.

This is the best place to go for a casual, good, finger-licking meal.  9pm closing every evening.

Definitely NOT Kosher

Shish Kebab Asli

Danny from Raanana says that Shish Kebab Asli on Rechov Shabtai Levi in Haifa was supposed to be really good value for money. We ate there recently and it was disappointing.  We were visiting Haifa for the Haifa Festival of Festivals.  The garden setting is really nice, especially in the summer, under the cool shade of  trees and vines.  The meal was really cheap!  For about 30 shekels you are served a big portion of beef kebabs, hummous, salad, chips and pita.  The kebab was made from processed meat - the kind you buy in the supermarket. The hummous was disappointing, it tasted like store-bought too.  For a Middle Easter restaurant, I was expecting so much more.  I don't think I'll be eating there again.

NOT Kosher

Eating Kosher

Don't despair, Haifa does have some kosher restaurants and eateries and these are some of them


There are two branches of the Biga chain in Haifa; Horev Center and at the Grand Canyon.  Of all the cafe-rest bars Biga has some unusual salads and appetizers on their menu.  They cater gluten free and vegan as well. Their soups are satisfying and their breads are freshly baked.  You can buy loaves to take home too.


Conditoria Shel Gal - Gal's Bakery

Bustling Gal's bakery on Hanassi Blvd, has been serving freshly baked goods - from quiches to croissants - for about 20 years.  Their newly opened branch on Hatishbi St., a stone's throw away from Gan Ha'em and the Haifa Zoo, offers the same menu but a more relaxed overall ambience. A good location for a business meeting and the outdoor terrace is delightful in the summer months.


El Gaucho

On Yefe Nof St. in the Central Carmel opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel, El Gaucho has been serving good kosher steak with a South American twist (as the name suggests) for decades.  Not the same management, but still the same chef.  The empanadas (meat filled pastry) are mouthwatering.  They offer a semi-private (mezzanine level) for large groups or a small function.



Shaltieli on Haifa's Dado Beach is another popular Kosher eating destination in Haifa.  Over-looking the Mediterranean, their menu is pretty standard - nice burgers though. Popular with the twenty-somethings on Thursday and Saturday night, who end off their meal with a nargilla (hooka) and hours of conversation.



Bashti's Kitchen International 3
Burger Place (BP) Histadrut 157
Cafe Cafe Ben Gurion Blvd, German Colony
Chinese Food court - Grand Kanyon
Conditoria Shani Neve Shaanan and Downtown
Conditoria Meidan Hanita 30
Conditoria Shemo Neve Shaanan & Carmel
Dan Carmel Hotel - The Rondo Hanassi 87
Dr. Schnitzel Hanassi 115
Etzel Beni Hehalutz 23
Felafel Zohar Ziv Center
Kosher Chinese - Nof Hotel Hanassi 101
Hayam HaKachol HaHistadrut 250
Ketaan U'Te'ima Gat 2
Kiryat HaMemshala Restaurant Pal Yam 11
Ma'Achalei HaBayit Histadrut 251
Pasta Carolla Ziv & HaAtzmaut 37
Pythagoras Dan Panorama Hotel, Hanassi 107
Pizza Lazino Hatichon 86
Pizza Pizzela Hanita 64
Pomodoro Horev 16
Rambam Hospital Food Court - ask to see certification
Bat Galim
Samurai CineMall
Schnitzel Pilpelet Grand Kanyon
Sudoch Hanassi 133
Kosher Hotels: Holiday Inn - Crowne Plaza, Dan Carmel, The Nof, Dan Panorama and The Leonardo


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