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Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs & Eateries in Tel Aviv


Judy is a veteran "Tel-Avivnik" she is a travel writer and a foodie, she shares her favorite eating places in the city.


Max Brenner

45 Rothschild Avenue

Pure bliss - all you have to do is love chocolate.  Hand-made chocolates, waffles, hot chocolate in various flavors, omelets, pizza and other delicious coffee-shop meals.


31 Rothschild Blvd

Ice cream with interesting flavor combination's:  wild berries and tarragon, mandarin orange and basil and silky chocolate and also fluffy, fruity flavored sorbets. 


At the Port (North)

Food that is good for you: fish and vegetarian.  Good soups, wonderful fresh salmon and delicious desserts. Kosher too.

Shaul's Inn

11 Eliashiv (Yemenite quarter), near Nachalat Benyamin

After wondering through Nachalat Benyamin Craft-Market on Tuesdays and Fridays, take in a delicious meal at Shaul's Inn. Soups, lamb, shishlik and more - all prepared in the traditional Yemenite way.


171 Ben Yehuda cnr. Jabotinsky

Open 24/7, Benedict is well known for the 12 different breakfasts. Eggs Benedict, blueberry pancakes, freshly baked bread, fresh juices are just some of things you'll find on their menu.

Molly Bloom's

2 Mendele St. (near the American Embassy and the close to the beach)

Traditional Irish Pub in the middle of Tel-Aviv. Choose from fish & chips, pies, sandwiches and around 20 different types of beer.  Molly Bloom's also screens most major rugby, soccer and basketball matches live on TV.


More of Judy's favorite places

Betty Ford on Nachalat Benyamin - Steakhouse
Moses on Rothschild Blvd. – Burgers in a variety of styles
Edelson on Dizingoff – Best baked goods and great coffee


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