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Everything you need to know about the Education System in Israel.

Hebrew: מערכת החינוך בישראל


school supplies


Pre-school options in Israel

Care-givers, a mishpachton - creche, municipal and private kindergartens, compulsory kindergarten.

The very first day in Israel's education system

What all moms and dads need to know and can expect on the first day of school...

Primary or Elementary School, Secondary & High-Schools

An general overview of schools in Israel

Bagrut - The Israel Matriculation Exam

Bagrut, ompulsory subjects, required modules and private colleges

Psychometric, SAT, GED, Bagrut and school exams

An depth look at the various university and college entrance exams, Israel matriculation and other school exams

Expat & International Schools

Choosing a curriculum in English at schools, colleges and universities


Requirements for home-schooling in Israel

Special Education

Regulations and options for children with special educational needs

Colleges, Universities & Tertiary Education

Israel's top colleges, universities and vocational training

Courses for prospective English teachers

Opportunities to qualify as an English teacher in Israel

Bursaries, Scholarships & Loans

Options for bursaries, scholarships and education subsidies for local and international students

Student loans

Translated School Bill

School Fees - Hebrew English translation of a municipal school bill

How much can you expect to pay for school supplies cost this academic year?

Buying school supplies from your local dollar shop, neighborhood stationer, hyper-office supply stores or online

Learn Hebrew with free Hebrew, English & transliterated word sheets


Common Hebrew English words and phrases by topic

50 must know Hebrew slang words - their literal and common meanings

Ulpan Database

Find an ulpan near you.  Private ulpanim, government subsidized, kibbutz programs or online