Wednesday, 26 June 2019
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Elementary, Middle  School & High School

An overview of education in Israel


ministry of educationMisrad HaChinuch

The Ministry of Education (Misrad HaChinuch) is responsible for determining and implementing education policies and for overseeing state, state religious and independent education systems.

Types of schools in Israel

Schools in Israel are divided into four types:

  • State schools - The majority of Israeli children attend these
  • State-religious – catering to the religious sector
  • Haredi (ultra orthodox) schools – these schools act independently but must adhere to the curriculum determined by the Ministry of Education in order to receive funding
  • Arab schools - offer a curriculum that emphasizes Arab history, religion and culture

The academic year

In Israel the school’s academic year begins on 1 September.  Elementary schools end on 30th June. Middle schools or high schools end their academic year on 20th June.



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