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student loans

Israel Student Loans


We all know how expensive higher education can be.  The related costs often prohibit our children from getting a higher education and reaching their full potential. Without a degree these days, it can be really tough to find a job and build a solid career. Too many of us are stuck in minimum wage or low paying jobs in Israel, because we couldn't raise sufficient funds to support a higher education. Olim who are already living on tight budgets may feel this burden even more.

Keren Sachal (Sachal Fund) - קרן שכ״ל -  Keren Sheket L'studentim offers a solution. You can now get a long-term, interest free, student loan without the need for guarantors.

Some 50 of Israel's academic institutions of higher learning are participating in this project including: The Technion, The IDC Herzliya and other major universities, vocational colleges, teachers training colleges and other private learning centers.

Anyone can apply! There are no application conditions or prerequisites.

All you need to do is go to the Keren's website: www.sachal.co.il, select the participating academic institution of your choice, choose the type of loan you require (a 20K loan with up to 60 payments or a 10K loan with up to 40 payments), fill in your personal details and contact information and a representative of Keren Sachal will get in touch.

Please note that the Keren Sachal website is in Hebrew only.

If you are one of the 150,000 students who have already applied or taken a loan via Keren Sachal, we'd love to get you feedback.  Please share you comments with us.


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