Thursday, 27 June 2019
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Banking, Finances & Money Management


Mortgages & Housing in Israel

An overview of the housing market & mortgage options

Banking Terms

Commonly used banking terms in English & transliterated Hebrew

Bank Charges -  Hebrew English Translation

A translation of a statement of bank charges 

Deposit Slip - Hebrew English Translation

A typical bank deposit slip

Foreign Currency - Hebrew EnglishTranslation

A translation of your foreign currency statement

Learn Hebrew - At the bank

Daily banking terms:  Hebrew English & Transliteration

Transferring Foreign Currency to Israel

Tips on moving money to Israel when making Aliyah or relocating

Alon Gal's 10 Top Money Tips

Surviving the Israeli economy with Alon Gal -  Financial Coacher.  Are those deals and discounts real?

Israel Cost of Living

How much do you need a month to live in Israel?  Plan your Aliyah or relocation budget.

Average Income in Israel

Savings & Investments 


Average Prices

Fruit & Vegetable Prices in Israel

House Brand vs Leading Brand

Average Supermarket Prices

The family holiday price comparison

School supplies


Save thousands of shekels every year

Top Tips:  Shop wisely!  How you can save a bundle of money every year.