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Israel real-estate: Renting, Purchase, Investing & Maintenance

housing collage

Housing & Renting in Israel

An overview of the housing market in Israel

Public Housing

Do you qualify for public housing in Israel?


Mortgage Q & A, regulations and  options

An Israeli Apartment - Floor Plan 

Pack wisely - a floor plan of a standard 3 bedroom, Israeli apartment.  Measurements and dimensions

Rent Control

New laws and regulations


Oleh rent subsidy 

The in's and out's for new immigrants

Tips for Signing a Rental Contract 

Points and considerations for the lessor and lessee before signing  a rental contract

Standard Rental Contract 

A typical rental contract

Household Utilities

Electrical, water, property taxes, tariffs etc., all your household bills translated from Hebrew to English

Arnona & discounts

Are you eligible for a discount on your property taxes?



Extra information


Israel Housing Terminology 

Local definitions: a villa, a cottage, terraced housing etc


Housing Survey

The real-estate needs and  trends among Israel's English speaking oleh community.


Vaad Habayit

Monthly house-committee payments and levy for tenants


Household Maintenance


Carpet cleaning tips

From the experts at Fresh & Clean


Upholstery cleaning tips

Fresh & Clean tells us how


Household Repairs

How it works in Israel - 20 tips for calling the repairman

Water Saving Tips

Good ways to save and conserve our precious water

Pest & Bug Control Tips

In addition to a yearly visit from a professional pest controller be sure to follow these professional tips

Painting tips

Preparations, painting, priming and polishing



Housing Survey

The current real-estate needs and  trends among Israel's English speaking immigrant community

1,000,000 Shekel Budget

Ashkelon, Tiberias, The Krayot, see what  750,000 - 1 million shekels can actually buy