Thursday, 27 June 2019
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How much Arnona are you paying?

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arnona-residential-regional-council-property-tax surveyArnona is your municipal or regional council property tax.  It is usually paid bi-monthly.  It is with these funds that your municipality or regional council provides services to its residents; refuse removal, sewerage, street lights, road maintenance etc. and other general, public services.

The Arnona is charged annually and the rate is set from 1 January - 31 December.

Arnona is levied in different ways and there are different rates for residential, commercial, non-profit, religious sites, hotels etc.

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Rates of residential Arnona vary drastically from city to city and town to town.Jerusalem, Ramat Gan and Haifa residents pay the highest rates of Arnona in the country.  Arnona in Bnei Brak is more expensive than Arnona in Herzliya and Bat Yam.

For example; Haifa'im are paying anywhere between 38 NIS - 103 NIS per square meter for residential Arnona depending on the zone (of which there are 4), while in Bet Shean there is a flat rate which is just under 43 NIS per square meter. The average rate for Arnona in Tel Aviv is 49 NIS per square meter.

Do you feel your Arnona is overpriced or do you think you are getting a good deal?

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