Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Israel Elections, the Electoral System, Members of the Knesset & Voting Information

Heb: בחירות ושיטות בחירה


Israel Electoral System

The electoral system, the voters roll, polling stations and other general information

Disabled Voters

Polling stations and facilities for disabled voters

Elections Abroad

If you are residing abroad you may be entitled to vote

Election Results

Election results & voting information

Members of the Knesset

A full list of Knesset members

Ministries & Elected Members

Ministries and elected ministers

Municipal Elections

Voting for new mayors and heads of regional councils

Municipal Election Results 2018

Ron Huldai takes Tel Avi, Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem takes Haifa, Miriam Feirberg in Netanya

Public Holiday

Election day is a paid public holiday for some

Election Updates

Election updates and latest news

Voter's Roll

Are you registered on the voter's roll?

Voter's Slip

The pink voter's slip should be presented at the polling station

Who are you voting for?

The names of the political parties and identifying information for election day...