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Marriage & divorce in Israel.

By Adv. Boaz Gork - Important legal and practical information

Adv. Boaz Gork is one on a handful of English speaking divorce and family law practitioners in Israel. Boaz works in a warm and personal way with anyone who approaches him and he is well aware that the problems he deals with vary widely but all of them require great sensitivity. He specializes in all aspects of divorce, domestic and family law. He lectures in forums for men and women relating to legal rights in divorce situations and in an advisory capacity to committees of various organizations in matters of personal status rights. Adv. Gork has been representing minors and other helpless people for several years and is available to give you advice for your specific circumstances.



 Jewish Marriage in Israel 

How to register your marriage, documents, the Rabbinate and other information

Divorce In Israel 

Filing for a divorce, spousal rights, division of assets and more

The Divorce Agreement

What should be included?

Legal Separation

Legal separation laws and regulations in Israel

Child Abduction

Child abduction laws and proceedings in Israel

Children's Rights in Israel

Custody, maintenance, the right to safety and the best interest of the child


The father and childhood custody


Definitions, consequences and implications

Explainer Videos

A selection of 12 short explainer videos by Adv. Boaz Gork on all topics relating to marriage and divorce in Israel

Emergency Resources for Children 

Help lines and contact information for children in crisis


Useful words and phrases in Hebrew & English

A Personal Story by Jona Taylor

A common-law wife and her personal protest