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Emergency help lines for children & teens in crisis in Israel.

Teenagers can experience crises and adolescence is a difficult time. Well-meaning parents may feel confused and frustrated. They may disagree and argue about what should be done to help their child. It can take ages to get an appointment with a mental health professional via Kupat Holim and going privately can be prohibitively expensive. It might be necessary to get help via a crisis line.  Exam and 'bagrut' pressures, identity crises, drugs and abuse are just some of the issues that our children and teens sometimes have to deal with.  We've put together a list of crisis and help lines that can help you and your child through a difficult time.

emergency help lines 2




Emotional Crisis Hotline

1201 (ERAN)



Family Violence




Listening Ear for Children




Rape Crisis Center & Sexual Abuse

1202 - Women / 1203 – Men



Student Hotline




Israel Assoc. for Child Protection

1-800-223-966 (ELI)





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