Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Preparing for a conventional threat in Israel. Important information from the Home Front Command - Pikud HaOref.

Hebrew: הכנה למלחמה בישראל

home fron commandSadly, there is a permanent and real threat of  war in Israel.  It is something you have to accept and is just part of living here.  Most immigrants were not required to serve in the army whilst living abroad.  Now, that you are living in Israel, you might have to serve some time in the Israel Defense Force (IDF). It's part of the Aliyah package - all of us have to deal with the threats and the realities of war.

It is not always possible to get on a plane and leave. Families may be separated when dads are called up for army service and reserve duty and moms are left to look after the children on their own.  Depending on the threat, schools will close down.  Scary as it may be, you may be required by law, to be at work.  Taking care of your children during a time of war is challenging.  The children will be out of their regular daily routine.  They might suddenly be thrust into the care of an elderly relative, a neighbor, a friend or babysitter or even be placed in a strange environment.

In case of an emergency situation, the Home Front Command (Pi'kud Ha'oref) will issue appropriate instructions via the media. Instructions are generally in Hebrew, Russian, English and Amharic.  Instructions via text messaging may also be sent through your mobile phone.

In case of an emergency, the Home Front Command, emergency and rescue services, government offices, local municipalities and volunteer organizations are well prepared and work together in helping Israel's citizens through the crisis.


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