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Pikud Haoref safety guidelines for rocket and missile fire.

Be safe! Prepare your family and your home.

pikud haoref

The Home-Front Command (Pikud HaOref) is the national authority for  civil protection.  They oversee the safety of the public during emergency situations like wars, terror threats, natural disasters and dangerous substances.

In general, The Home Front Command's guidelines, to ensure your personal safety during rocket and missile fire, suggest the following:

  1. Know how much time you need to get into a safe and secure area (bomb shelter, safe-room etc.)
  2. Choose your secure area according to the timetable provided by the Home Front Command
  3. Prepare and equip your secure area.

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Prepare shelters & secure areas

Now is the time to clear away the junk in the bomb shelter and prepare these secure areas in case of an emergency

  1. Clear the Ma'mad – the secure room in your apartment (built in accordance with national building codes and regulations).  Older apartments do not have them.
  2. Ma'mak – If your apartment does not have a ma'amad and it takes too long to get to the bomb shelter upon hearing the siren, prepare the ma'mak with your house committee (vad habayit) - a secure room in your building (on each or every other floor)
  3. Miklat – a bomb shelter (shared by the tenants in your building or a public shelter). The shared bomb shelter in your building should be easily accessible within the recommended amount of time, via an internal stairwell.
  4. A public shelter should only be used if you can get to it within the recommended amount of time upon hearing the siren.
  5. Do not use elevators during an emergency!

Equip your secure area with these emergency items

Alternative secure areas

If you do not have access to any of the above secure areas, the Home Front Command advises that you seek shelter in a stairwell. Use your discretion here; if the stairwell faces an external wall, this may not be the best option.

Choose an internal room in your house that has a minimum number of external walls, windows or other openings. Do not choose the kitchen, bathroom or WC – lots of glass, sharp edges, loose tiles and other dangerous flying objects.

It is recommended that residents of communities near the Gaza strip, who have only 15 – 30 seconds to reach a secure area, choose an area in their home furthest from the source of attack.