Thursday, 27 June 2019
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Home-visits, House-calls & Emergency Medical Services

Hebrew: ביקור בית


home visitsHouse-calls & Home-visits

In Israel, should you require it, a doctor can make home-visit. You are required to pay for this service.  In cases where the visit is found to have been justified, (post operative for example) your health fund will reimburse you.  You need to check with your health fund what the conditions are, how much they will reimburse you and what your contribution will be.

Emergency Call Centers

In urgent cases at nights, on weekends or during religious holidays, you can call your health fund's night-time call center. This is  a paid service, however, depending the circumstances your health-fund might partially reimburse you for the costs.

Bikur Rofeh

Bikur Rofeh is an emergency health service that you can use. There are 30 branches countrywide.





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