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Magen David Adom - Donating Blood

World Blood Donor Day - Today

Magen David Adom oversees blood donations in Israel.  There is always a need for blood donors and today, 14 June 2017, is the World Blood Donor Day.  If you fit the criteria, please consider donating blood at one of the MDA stations across the country.  If you are unable to donate today, you can still do it tomorrow, the next day or any other day in the future. If you weigh 50kg or more and are at least 17 years of age, in general good health, and meet the general criteria as outlined below, you can become a donor (click on images to enlarge).  Please note that 17 and 18 year old children require parental written consent to donate blood.

Blood donation 1

Blood donation 2

Blood donation 3

Blood Stations

You can donate blood at any of the following stations:-

MDA Stations Address
Haifa 1 Yitzhak Sade
Kiryat Motzkin 75 Hashmonaim
Petach Tikva 30 HaMaccabim
Kfar Saba 51 Tschernikovsky
Herzliya 76 Sokolov
Tel Aviv 2 Alkalyai (Bazel)
Ramat Gan 42 Gilgal
Blood Services at Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer
Rishon LeZion 102 Jabotinsky
Holon 1 Harokmim
Rehovot 69 Remez
Jerusalem 7 Hamem-Gimmel
Ashdod 1 Harefua Altalena
Ashkelon 1 Hatchiya



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