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Health-care options for non-residents of Israel

Hebrew: ביטוח רפואי וניתוחים פרטיים לאזרחים זרים בישראל

 Health care for non-residents








There is separate legislation for non-residents of the country, living in Israel - tourists, diplomats, students, businesspersons, and other foreign nationals or individuals who have do not (yet) have residency status.

Maccabi Health-care Services and Clalit Health Services offer this kind of insurance with a wide range of facilities and services; primary physicians, pediatricians, specialists, laboratory tests and clinics, imaging, referral to hospital emergency rooms and hospitalization, and medications included in the national health care basket.

Non-residents can also purchase health-care insurance from the many private insurance companies in Israel like Clal, Harel, AIG etc. via an insurance agent or online via the insuring company's website.


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