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Family Health Clinic - Tipat Halav

The Family Health Clinic - Tipat Halav - is run by the Ministry of Health.  They offer pre-natal and post-natal services to mothers and infants.  During your pregnancy, they will check your weight and take your blood pressure. After the birth, they administer the inoculations for your children and check on their general well-being.  They weigh, measure, give nutritional advice for infants, check development and give breast feeding advice.  They also have a list of doulas that you can contact, should you be want that type of birthing service. 

tipat halav

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Family Health Clinics in Some of Israel's Main Cities & Centers

Contact the branch closest to you for details of opening hours.



The Israeli Ministry of Health - Contact Information

Tel: 02- 670 5705

Ombudsman (for public complaints, health fund issues as well as the basket of health services)

Tel: 02-568 1234


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