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Aliyah for seniors & planning your retirement in Israel


 retirees in israel

As a senior you may want to make Aliyah, or your children  may  have  to consider the option of bringing their elderly or disabled parents to Israel.   Living as a retiree or pensioner in Israel; whether you are a new immigrant or veteran resident, will probably mean that you will have to make some considerable changes to your life style and re-assess your housing options It is not always possible or realistic to remain in one's home and are therefore you might decide that some kind of secure living project, retirement village or similar set-up, that offers independent living, skilled nursing staff, rehabilitation and specialized care,  are often prohibitive from an economic point of view and would erase all your financial reserves. If you want, downsizing is an option and there are many new housing projects, around the country, that offer you smaller apartments, easy access and a convenient, secure life-style.

No matter what, we want the best for our ourselves or our parents and loved ones. Children may have to make decisions and compromises for their parents' sake that leave  everyone  feeling guilty and unhappy. 

If you have the financial resources for a retirement village or complex  -some more luxurious than others - many are available country-wide. Independent living, frail-care services and numerous cultural and leisure activities are also available.

  • Beth Protea in Herzlia is a favorite amongst the Anglo community and it's  an award winning retirement complex  Click here for more info

Activities for Seniors

Your immigrant organization (Aliyah Office); AACI, UJIA, Telfed etc., may have regular senior groups and hold events in your area.  Contact them for the most up-to-date information of on-going and new activities and events


There are numerous opportunities for seniors in Israel, to volunteer.  This is a wonderful way for you to meet new people and contribute your time and energy to a worthwhile cause.  Check our list of volunteer organizations in Israel.  Check with your Aliyah office for other volunteer programs they may support.

Specialized products, accessories for seniors, the elderly and physically challenged

  • Gottlieb: Provide transportation systems for the physically challenged.
  • Aminach for orthopedic mattresses, wheelchair cushions, specialized bed pillows and reclining chairs
  • Yad Sarah: You can hire orthopedic equipment and various other medical aides from them.
  • Kapelkal:  Medical and treatment beds.
  • Bidan: Hygiene equipment
  • Abena: Manufacturers of absorbent and disposable underwear and towels etc.


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